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The Velocity + Arm Care Program includes everthing you need to improve your mechanics, endurance, mobility and velocity.  The program includes a set of weighted balls, a Velocity Towel, and a personalized program to help you get the maximum benefit from the program.  The Velocity + Arm Care Program is even more customized program than the original program, with options that can be tailored specifically toward your unique needs.  This is a must-have for pitchers who are serious about getting th emost out of their perfermance level and more velocity in their delivery.

Niklas Stephenson didn't have a lot to lose when the Royals approached him about trying out weighted ball workouts.  After posting 7.47 ERA for two summers with the Royals Rookie ball teams and only 83-86 MPH fastball to his name when the time came to try the Velocity + Arm Care Program he agreed.    Now he is a legitimate prospect!

Watch the video to learn more.  

Steve Delabar's odyssey from the independent leagues to the major leagues is due to the belief he had in the Velocity + Arm Care Program. 

"I enjoy talking about it, working with other players who are involved, and trying to recruit more players to get involved because I know what kind of results they can achieve. The best thing about the Velocity program is you get out of it, what you put into it."  - Steve Delabar

Watch the video to learn more.  

The purpose of the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program is simple - to help functionally generate stronger, healthier arms in order to aid individuals in realizing their true potential. Making “how” the program works to increase velocities even simpler - when an athlete's arm becomes stronger and healthier, naturally, he or she has the ability to throw the ball harder and with greater velocity.

Dedicated to helping individuals realize their true potential, the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program offers innovative, comprehensive and specialized training techniques to help strengthen the shoulder. The Velocity Program is a proven training methodology created by Dr. Tom House and validated by the USC School of Medicine. This Program provides the ultimate foundation for the future success of the shoulders of our young athletes.

Each Velocity Plus Arm Care Program is personally adapted and tailored to a player's individual needs according to their specific age, stature, schedule, abilities and deficiencies. The Program is science based and designed to be executed as efficiently as possible, both functionally and mechanically, because a "Health First and Performance Second" mentality is our ultimate goal.

Is this the same program that Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Steve Delabar does?
- Yes. This is the Official Velocity Program of Steve Delabar.  All winter Steve works out at the OFFICIAL Velocity Program headquarters here in Elizabethtown, KY.

How long does the program last?
- It is a season long program, no matter when you purchase it, it will include a 9-12 week strength portion (with three evaluation periods) and at least one in-season workout.

Can I start the Program if I have already started my season?
- Yes. You will be evaluated/tested and will start the Program in the In-Season phase.

Will the Program still help me if I start “In-Season”, since I haven’t done the “Off-Season” strength portion?
- Yes. Even when starting the program “In-Season” it is still extremely beneficial and effective in helping athletes stay healthy and prevent injuries.

If I start the Program “In-Season” do I still get the “Off-Season” strength portion?
- Yes. Once your season ends (we recommend at least a couple weeks off to recover) then you can retest, submit your results, and we will write you an “Off-Season” workout.

The Velocity Plus Arm Care Program is unrivaled. It is the most comprehensive, well researched and scientifically proven program of its kind. The Program was developed by Dr. Tom House, together with the supporting supervision of Dr. Thomas Vangsness of the University of Southern California's School of Medicine, in an effort to better understand, and consequently reduce, shoulder injuries in baseball players. Through unprecedented data collection and research methodologies Dr. House gave birth to this revolutionary Program.

Based on a true story, Disney’s upcoming film “Million Dollar Arm” tells how sports agent J.B. Bernstein and Velocity creator Tom House took two cricket players from India and transformed them into Major League Baseball pitchers for the Pittsburgh Pirates.